Harry and Louis’ ancestry (inspired by this post)



Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 13,736

Warnings: None applied

Side Pairings: Zayn Malik/Niall Horan

Summary: Louis continues to watch as the fit boy waggles his eyebrows dramatically at the penguin. Clearly, he’s very invested in winning the staring contest, which means Louis still has time to come up with a plan of attack. He turns to his sisters. “Girls, look cute. You know how to snag a boy right?”

College Au where Harry leads an army of penguins and rocks purple penis headscarves, Louis is generally covered in pigeon shit and panicking over worm dissections, Liam just wants to save his pet bird from Harry’s ill thought out sacrificial plans, and Niall and Zayn are definitely not dating. 

You&I 27/08


Chicago ~ 29/8